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What We Provide

Doyle Construction performs all phases of general contracting and building construction, and specializes in the construction of premium residential homes, additions, renovations and restorations on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. We provide the utmost in quality building construction workmanship and project management capabilities to Clients who value detailed craftsmanship, require thorough schedule and budget control, and demand a principled business environmentCape&Isl-08

Neal Galligan, Joe Chapman, and Jamie Doyle, the Owner/Principals, bring a combined construction experience resource of over One Hundred Years to every client that Doyle Construction services on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. One of Doyle Construction’s Principals will guide each Client and the Client’s project from start to finish with complete attention to every detail in the construction process. We work closely with the Client; the Client’s Architect, Landscape Architect, Interior Designers, and Engineers; Local Officials and Permitting Agencies, and other construction professionals every step along the way to ensure the most productive building experience. The Owner/Principles of Doyle Construction bring decades of hands on experience in the fields of site work; cast-in-place concrete and masonry; structural steel and wood framing; finish carpentry and cabinetry, finish trades, and the detail knowledge required to thoroughly understand, plan, and supervise how these trades interface with all the building construction trades.

Prior to the construction phase, Doyle Construction will provide the Client, the Client’s Architect, and the design team, with detailed project schedules and cost estimates at each step of the design process. Additionally, we Vanderwarker_0476provide constructability reviews and recommendations for time saving and cost effective improvements (material selection, detail development that works in the island environment, and sustainable systems for long term operation and maintenance) as the design process evolves. The thorough knowledge of the numerous building systems that go into completing a custom crafted home which we bring to the design team is a technical resource that we offer to all Clients and their Architects. At the appropriate time, we also will include suitable key subcontractors in the review process who provide similar cost estimates and detailed recommendations for the mechanical, electrical, and other specialty systems that are part of the project. These design (pre-construction) services have been found to be helpful for all Clients, Architects and the design team, but are of particular importance for projects with Architects that do not have extensive construction experience working on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. The design (pre-construction) phase has the largest impact on the final schedule duration, construction cost, and the life cycle cost of a completed project. Doyle Construction’s participation in the design (pre-construction) phase, by way of utilizing the combination of our construction knowledge and ability to quantify and update the project schedule and cost through the design process, is an integral and fundamental part of what we do.designer_kitchen

Upon completion of the design plans and specifications, Doyle Construction will provide a final schedule and cost estimate for the Client’s proposed home or building project. Our commitment to the client is that this final schedule and cost will be a direct extension of the prior design (pre-construction) phase estimates, so that there are no surprises. There are few steps in the design and construction process that will delay or trip up a project more than when the schedule and cost expectations of the Client are not met at the time the final design documents are completed.

At the start of the construction phase, upon execution of a Construction Contract that incorporates the final design and the agreed to schedule and cost estimate, Doyle Construction will assign a Principal in charge. We are very familiar with and recommend utilizing AIA standard contract documents for our agreement with the Client. The Principal in charge will issue Purchase Orders for the major materials and fabrications, and finalize all Subcontracts for sub-trade work based on the final design proposals. Submittals and shop drawings for specified materials and, in particular, all major fabrications, are developed and transmitted to the Architect for final review and approval prior to these materials being incorporated into the project. The Doyle Construction’s Principal assigned to the project is responsible for these administrative tasks and, more importantly, for planning and completing the project with no safety Cape&Isl-03schedule, under budget, and meeting or exceeding the Client’s quality expectations. These four project goals are met by properly understanding and analyzing the design documents, assigning qualified Doyle Construction Site Staff, and planning all work such that all key project participants know the overall work plan and are held accountable for completing their respective work plans in a manner that successfully attains all of the project goals. No matter whether the work is self-performed by Doyle Construction’s Craftsmen or by one of the selected Subcontractors, all work will be supervised by either a Doyle Construction Principal or a Doyle Construction Crew Foreman to ensure that the project safety, quality, schedule, and budget requirements are achieved.

The Doyle Construction Principal assigned to a project will maintain daily contact with the Client’s Architect or representative to review and resolve design issues as they arise. We will meet weekly with all essential site construction staff, including subcontractors, to update progress, review work plans for the upcoming week, and identify issues that could delay progress and deciding on a course of action to resolve these issues. We typically meet monthly with the Client and the Architect to review work progress at the site and major pending issues and proposed changes. Based on these monthly meetings, the Principal in charge provides meeting notes to the Client and the Architect to document progress and major decisions. Unless requested on a more frequent basis, monthly schedule updates and cost reports are also developed for the Client that include the current month’s progress and all approved and pending changes. We believe that regular and effective communication internally among the onsite project staff and externally between the project staff and the Client/Architect are essential to the construction process and meeting our Client’s expectations. Similar to the design (pre-construction) phase, during the construction phase, Doyle Construction’s commitment is no schedule or cost surprises for the Client.

Upon completion of the project, Doyle Construction will provide to the Client a binder with Material, Equipment, Subcontractor, and System information for future maintenance and up keep of the home. Doyle Construction can either provide caretaking services or work directly with the Client’s caretaker by providing transition information and support as necessary to sustain the completed home.